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Docurated names OnTaget Partners top sales management blog

OnTarget was recently named one of the top blogs for sales management by Docurated.  We are very proud of this accomplishment!  -Ed

Managing a sales force of any size is never a simple endeavor. Whether your sales reps are in-house, in-the-field, all within the same 100-mile radius, or spanning several continents, your job as a sales manager requires organization of a level unachievable by most people. That’s not to mention nerves of steel and the ability to remain perfectly calm when faced with catastrophes of epic proportions – which will, in fact, happen at least once.

You’re responsible for leading and motivating your team, as well as staying on top of the latest sales methodologies, providing educational opportunities that will enhance your team’s skills, and interfacing and coordinating with other C-level executives and ensuring that your sales strategies are aligned with the efforts of marketing, customer service, and other departments.

To simplify the monumental task of staying on top of your own game, we’ve searched the far corners of the web to unearth some of the most helpful, informative, and insightful sales management blogs. Note: The following 50 blogs aren’t ranked in order of quality or importance, but represent 50 blogs we think are highly valuable reads for sales managers who want to be the best in their fields. These blogs highlight case studies, offer tips and resources for improving your management skills, insights on sales effectiveness and strategy, and much more. Numbers are included to make it easy for you to reference a specific blog should you pass this list along to a friend or colleague, but are not meant to imply that #1 is better than #50. Instead, this list represents 50 great sales management blogs we think are worth adding to your reading list.

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