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The Hidden Messages in Business Logos

I find the concept of business logos with hidden meanings very intriguing.  You know what I mean – The FedEx logo with the arrow.  The Amazon logo with the smile from A to Z.

The creativity behind these logos is one thing to be admired.  Great marketing requires the ability to meld art with reality.  Logos with hidden meanings most certainly accomplish this.  They help the brand establish a connection with customers and other people “in the know”.

Do the subliminal messages work?  I think so, but maybe not on the way they were intended.  The overt message of the brand is paramount.  Yes,Tolberone Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors, but it is also a fun place to be, as expressed with the font and colors of the logo.  The Toblerone bear exists, but the unique, yellow mountain-shaped box filled with Swiss chocolate joy begs for your attention in the checkout line at the airport.


And so it is with marketing, even B2B marketing.

The unique customer promise you make with your value proposition must be overtly branded for your customer and prospect.  You can always get creative, and this creativity will probably be rewarded.  But you can’t get by with just style.  Substance is key.

Now where did I put that Toblerone?


Ed Trachier

Ed Trachier is Founder and CEO of OnTarget Partners, B2B Marketing, Sales & Research experts. He can be reached at 469-200-4901 or


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