6 Key Types of Contact Research for B2B Business Success

Quality contact research is crucial for organizations to identify and engage relevant prospects across functions. OnTarget Partners has extensive expertise in all core research approaches to meet diverse business needs.

6 Key Types of Contact Research

Here are the most common types of contact research:

Strategic Contact Research

The goal is to identify high-value prospects that closely fit your ideal customer profile. Strategic research allows you to pursue relevant targets by industry, size, location and other attributes. It lays the groundwork for sales, marketing and partnership opportunities.

OnTarget’s strategic research identifies decision-makers across accounts that match your best-fit ICP criteria. We leverage AI-enabled tools and manual verification to build lead lists of contacts open to exploring your solution. Strategic contact research fuels predictable, scalable pipeline growth.

Tactical Contact Research

This supports specific campaigns and initiatives when launching a new product or entering a market. The focus is compiling contact lists of prospects primed for your messaging. Tactical research sets you up for higher response rates from qualified, interested leads.

OnTarget’s tactical research is campaign-specific. We identify your campaign targets and build customized contact lists to maximize engagement. Our data experts model lookalike profiles of existing customers to uncover net-new prospects that resemble your best buyers. Tactical research, combined with prospecting efforts, converts interest into pipeline.

Customer Contact Research

Understanding your current and potential customers is vital. This research provides insights into customer needs, challenges, buying criteria, and behaviors. It enables you to tailor messaging and offerings to resonate better.

OnTarget investigates your customer base to inform sales, marketing, product and other groups. We uncover trends in demographics, psychographics, buying signals, triggers, pain points and success factors. Customer research is a goldmine for messaging personalization and customer retention.

Competitor Contact Research

Gaining intelligence on competitors is key to competitive differentiation and positioning. Learn about their activities, strategies, messaging approaches, and customer base through this research. It allows you to craft intelligent counter-positioning.

OnTarget’s competitor research informs your competitive strategy. We analyze competitors’ messaging, product launches, marketing campaigns, partnerships, customer reviews, social media presence and more. Competitor intelligence enables you to capitalize on gaps in the market.

Market Contact Research

Keeping tabs on your total addressable market is essential. This research explores trends, developments, emerging players, and new technologies in your industry. It ensures you align your approach to maximize opportunities.

OnTarget Partners conducts in-depth market research to inform strategic planning. We examine market trends, growth factors, consolidation, competitive forces, innovation trends, partnerships, substitutes and more. Market intelligence allows you to lead markets rather than just compete in them.

Partner Contact Research

This identifies win-win partnership potential through a process of mutual vetting. The goal is to find the best combined fit in complementary capabilities and corporate culture. Strategic partnerships can significantly boost capabilities.

OnTarget helps assess partnership opportunities on multiple fronts – technical, operational, financial, cultural. We build partner contact lists for exploratory discussions. Partner research prevents misalignments down the road through rigorous upfront analysis.

OnTarget Partners has deep expertise illuminating the right contacts across these research types to meet any business need. Contact us to discuss a tailored research approach for your organization.

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