Charitable Gen AI

I’m excited to share a new philanthropic effort underway at OnTarget. This quarter, we’re merging professional development and social impact through an AI-powered charity challenge.

For every hour my team spends exploring generative AI, we’ll donate cold, hard cash to Encephalitis411, with a goal of 150 hours in the month of September. Encephalitis impacts 20,000 Americans annually, often leaving survivors with lifelong neurological impairments.

I’m proud of my employees for turning our collective AI curiosity into meaningful support for an overlooked condition. It’s inspiring to see my team unleash their skills not just for business gains, but for the greater good.

Initiatives like this demonstrate how we can creatively blend technology, learning, and compassion. While my team expands their capabilities, we’re also uplifting others in need. That’s a win-win in my book.

The enthusiasm for this challenge has been contagious, and I’m confident we’ll hit our fundraising goal. But it’s about more than dollars raised – it’s about applying our abilities with purpose.

So I’m sharing our experience to spark ideas across my network. How might your company also merge professional development and social impact? When we leverage our skills to serve others, the possibilities are endless.

I welcome your thoughts and encourage you to consider an AI-for-good initiative of your own. Because when knowledge meets compassion, we have the power to change lives through technology. What future might we build if we dare to care?

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