New Year, New Theme – Welcome to 2021!

This year especially, production counts and delivery wins.

I’m a gambler.  As an entrepreneur, I believe you sometimes have to have the mindset of a gambler.  You have to make difficult decisions, and usually there is risk involved if you are wrong, and even, at times, when you are right.

Now, I’m not a ‘risk your mortgage payment’ kind of gambler.  I always understand the “game” before I take a seat at the table.  I also set strict limits regarding my risk and exposure.  I try to make educated decisions based on facts and odds.  If I do that enough, the “game” will end in my favor…at least sometimes.

Sheila and I travel to Vegas once or twice a year.  Before 2020, it was usually for a conference or event.  Those were the days, remember them?!?!  I like the penny slots (I know, not such good odds), pai-gow poker (much better odds), craps, and blackjack.  If you play blackjack ‘by the book’, you have about as good of odds as you can find in a casino.

For those of you that don’t know, blackjack is also known as 21.  (The reason I write that is I showed my 2021 theme to about a dozen folks before I rolled it out to the team on January 04 of this year.  Only about half got the (somewhat hidden) message.)

So, here it is:

OnTarget 2021 Theme:
Production Counts, Delivery Wins!

The blackjack (21) represents the new year.  My message for this year: Production Counts, Delivery Wins!  As I tell my team often, delivery always wins.  It doesn’t matter what you sell, if you don’t deliver, you will not have happy clients.  Happy, repeat clients are what makes a business successful.  A bunch of them is kind of like winning a big jackpot!


P.S.  I always hide the OnTarget logo in our annual theme.  Can you find it?

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