Lights…Camera…Movie Night!

OnTarget associates had a great night at the movies last week. In addition to the full length feature, we were able to premier our own movie, starring a couple of characters you all may recognize.

You see, everything came together to create something magical. I partnered with a couple of old friends, who are also the owners of FunFilmCo. They created “an immersive cinematic team building experience” for me and my team. And it was everything I could have hoped for!

Our theme for 2022 is “Bleed Blue 22!”. We want our associates to live and love OnTarget, at least while they are at work. Bleeding blue is all about believing in OnTarget, and doing the best you can for your clients, the OnTarget way. Late last year, I had a crazy idea to bring everyone together for team building, and to create something special. I cooked breakfast, then my buddies set up the cameras.

We decided on a Back to the Future plot: Sheila and I would be frustrated and concerned with the business; We would decide to go back in time to make a small change which would have a big impact; We would slip a young me a note, reminding me that I “haven’t come this far to come this far”; I should “remember to bleed blue!”.

When we first arrived back in time, we found our teammates in a disco. It was 1977, after all.

The disco was created using a green screen. My friends filmed my associates dancing in groups in our conference room. They had no idea exactly what was going on…they were just asked to wear 70’s style clothes, dance, and have fun.

Later that day, in early December, Sheila and I filmed our parts, and the car scenes.

In February, we filmed the outdoor shots of young Ed with the bow and arrow, and our CFO Bob Long as the camp counselor. Jeff Fischer, our business partner, chipped in as the antagonist. He took one take (and if you know Jeff, you know why).

I am so proud of what we accomplished as a team. It was truly immersive, and certainly cinematic. And it was a bit scary (see Sheila below).

I can’t wait for the sequel!


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