Family Business

I have always considered the folks who work with me family.  We work together and play together.  Like any family, we have our disagreements and friction, but we stand by and for each other, and mostly there is love and friendship.

The past quarter has been a whirlwind. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving in the office with families.  Each year, we have a Thanksgiving celebration and OnTarget provides ‘the meat’, usually not turkey since we celebrate the Wednesday before.  Our Associates bring their favorite sides, enough for everyone, and share food and fellowship.  Over 30 people joined in this year.

One of my favorite activities is cooking breakfast for the team.  I do this a couple of times a year.  Breakfast is my favorite meal to cook.  And in early December, I wanted to bring folks to the office to feed them breakfast.  Truthfully, I had a bit of an ulterior motive. I also wanted to shoot a short film. 

I have several friends from high school who are very creative.  They are artists and crazy good at just about everything they touch.  I feel blessed to have them in my life, and I enjoy working with them on “special projects”.  We created a green screen “disco” in our conference room, and on Friday afternoon the team and I danced the day away.  It was truly awesome.

We like to give back at OnTarget.  We are big believers in doing well and doing good.  Our Q4 charity event for 2021 was Toys for Tots.  Our Associates really came through for the underprivileged kids in our area, and I could not be prouder of them.

Christmas season came quickly.  We believe in recharging and relaxing during the holidays, and we closed our office for the last two weeks of the year.  Our Associates spent time with their real families and enjoyed the time off.

At kickoff, the first Monday of the new year, which was January 03 this year, we discuss strategy, changes, and goals.  In addition to the business meeting in the morning, we celebrate the new year together.  This year, we raced go-carts and bowled.  The team really had a great time. 

Each new year, we design a theme for our team.  The theme is meant to motivate and inspire.  In 2022, we are celebrating 25 years in business, a great feat indeed!  This year’s theme had to be bigger and better, and we created the largest piece of wall art in the office for this year.

BB22 stands for “bleed blue ‘22”.  We want our team to live and breath OnTarget, and we want the OnTarget family to be with and for our Associates at all times.  The relationships we have at work are some of the most important we have in our lives, and we want our family to be supportive and successful. We certainly haven’t come this far to come this far.

Of course, time will tell how well we will do in 2022, but I have a feeling this family business will be just fine.


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