Staying Focused in 2020

My mom is 81 years old. She lives in a small town in East Texas, the same place I spent my formative years. She has seen it all. Or, so she and I thought.

2020 was to be a banner year. Bigger and badder than all the rest. Our team was set. Our clients were hungry. Our excitement was palpable as our year kicked off with our new theme “Stay Focused!”.

January was good. February was better. We tend to have a bell-shaped revenue curve during the year, starting low, then rising, then falling. Things would only get better from here.

Then, it happened.

Even though I preach to the team “change is the only constant”, “expect the unexpected”, and “fear is the only thing we have to fear”, I was shaken. How would we survive? What would we do? Why is this happening!?!?

Business, like life, tends to teach you unwanted lessons. When you think you are prepared for the worst and can handle anything, you realize sometimes how fragile we all are and how dependent we are, too.

No more conferences. No more in-person meetings. No more air travel. No more…

Like most people, I have had the chance to think during this “shelter in place” time. And talk to my mom. (Technically, we text. Ten years ago, she wouldn’t even think of texting. Now, it is her favorite form of communication!)

“Be strong”, she says. “Innovate”. “Do the best you can!”.

I ask her if she is scared. “Sure! You would be crazy not to be!” She doesn’t want us coming for a visit. She is lonely, but also wants to be safe.

34 Easter celebrations in a row. Not this year.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. I am getting calls, and actually closing some deals! My big family is happy and healthy, even if we can’t all be together.

So…I go back to the basics. And to our theme for 2020 — “Stay Focused!” I shared that with my mom, and she said “good idea, if what your focused on is the right thing”.

Motherly wisdom. Gotta love it.


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