Payroll Protection Program Company Database

Six hundred sixty-one thousand, two hundred eighteen.

That is a big number!

Our friends at the Treasury and SBA have given us marketers a once in a lifetime gift; one like I have never seen in my 30+ years in marketing, and one that I never expect to see again. The 661,218 record Payroll Protection Program Company Database.

You see, in order for companies to qualify for the Payroll Protection Program, or PPP, which is a federal loan program to help U.S. entities keep workers employed at small and medium businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic, said companies had to provide their banks with real business data, simple but important data, like name of company, address, city, state, and zip code. Due to government transparency, this data was published online for all to see on Monday of this week, July 06, 2020.  More importantly for marketers, the database contains NAICS codes and a field called “jobs retained” which allows relatively sophisticated marketers to estimate the size of the company by employees, and, with the loan size, the potential revenue and even potential value of the business.

Even more, the vast majority of these companies who took PPP money are private, where information is notoriously difficult to acquire.

Can you say, “Christmas in July”?!?!

How can this data be used?  Oh my, let me count the ways!

  • If you want clean company information to update and refresh your CRM, you will NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER, find a more accurate company database.
  • If you know your market, by geography or vertical, slice and dice and find your list.
  • If your perfect prospect profile for companies has between 250 and 500 employees, a couple of keystrokes will get you there.

What’s more – it is free!  No cost!  Zip, zero, nada.

(Now, if you want a marketing partner who can make the data functional for you, that will cost you, but, not that much…especially based on the value you can receive!)

Would love to hear what others think about this massive dataset.  Please leave your comments.


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