OnTarget Gives Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the food, the family, and the extra-long weekend.

OnTarget Thanksgiving

Every Wednesday before the Thanksgiving break, OnTarget hosts a potluck for our Associates and their families. We give thanks, eat, and socialize. 2019 marks the 23rd time I have done this with my team, and while we cannot claim many records for our performance this year, I do feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for the work we have done for our clients, and for the growth we have experienced as a team.

Like a microcosm of a lifetime, each year has it’s ups and downs, it’s thrills and chills. 2019 is no different. Like other years, we have survived! And we continue to learn as we make our way, improving as we move forward.

As we head into the slower time of the year, I remind my team (and myself) to give thanks for the journey and for the struggle. “If it were easy, everyone would do it” my father used to say. We all at OnTarget give thanks for the challenges that make success sweeter, kind of like that leftover slice of pumpkin pie I’m about to eat…


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