Bathtubs and Marketing Campaigns

What do bathtubs and marketing campaigns have to do with each other?  I’m glad you asked!

When working with clients and prospects, I like to use the analogy of a bathtub.  As everyone knows, relatable objects enable folks to understand complex concepts.  Certainly, everyone knows what a bathtub is and how it is used.

My bathtub analogy has to do with data, specifically companies and contacts put in a marketing program or campaign.  You see, there should be a perfect number of contacts put into the marketing program on a continual basis in order for a steady stream of marketing qualified leads (MQL), and sales qualified leads (SQL) to be outputted.

If you think about new contacts flowing into the prospecting funnel, imagine them as warm water flowing into a bathtub.  Once you get the water level just right, instead of turning the faucet off (stopping the flow of contacts into the top of the prospect funnel), the best marketing programs keep the faucet on, because there will be outflow.  The outflow, which, in our analogy, are the prospects that say “yes”, “no”, or “not now” (or those who complete the outreach cadence with no response), are represented in the bathtub by the drain in the tub, with the stopper unplugged.  The water runs out of the tub on a consistent basis, and when the water flowing in is regulated with the water flowing out, you achieve marketing nirvana: The perfect prospect flow!

I hope you enjoyed my simple analogy of bathtubs and marketing campaigns.  Now, where’s my soap?


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