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On the Frontlines of B2B Lead Generation

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetBy: Ed Trachier – February 17, 2014

We at OnTarget Partners have a unique perspective on B2B Lead Generation. Because we conduct outsourced marketing for thirty-some B2B companies, most of them large, well-respected leaders in their industry, we see examples of what works, and what doesn't, from the front lines.

Every B2B CMO understands that our market is changing. What worked ten years ago, or even five, does not today. I believe that a focused effort to create compelling and informative content, delivered through multiple channels (blogging, mail, social, website, dimensional and email) is critical to the success of B2B marketing campaigns today.

A smaller, more solution-focused sales team, coupled with a competent marketing and lead generation strategy, which focuses on prospect education, will yield results. The sales team should no longer be relied upon to educate the prospect; instead, lead generation should help the sales team spend more time selling and less time with prospecting and administrative tasks. Well qualified, warm leads are the output of a good B2B lead generation program. What good sales person doesn't want warm leads?!?!

One of the best examples of great marketing I know of is Marketo. Marketo builds the marketing automation software that makes marketing easy, powerful and complete, so they should be pretty good at what they do.

Marketo recently published Digital Marketing 101: A MUST to Stay Competitive. I believe this should be required reading for marketers and sales people. -Ed

By Ed Trachier, Founder & CEO of OnTarget Partners, a B2B marketing, sales, and research solutions firm that provides Intelligence for Business. He can be reached at 469-200-4901 or at

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