The Joy of Team Building

At OnTarget Partners, we greatly value team building and making time for fun together. We know that when you enjoy being around your coworkers, collaboration flows more easily. Last Friday, we decided to spend the afternoon bonding as a team.

We started with a long lunch together at a local restaurant, Quartino’s. The hour-long meal gave us a chance to chat casually about non-work topics and get to know each other better on a personal level. Lots of laughter filled our table!  We also had a presentation given by the charity we sponsored Q32022, our “steps challenge”, when the team walked/ran over 300 miles to earn donation dollars from OnTarget to Encephalitis411 (  We were presented the “Team Spirit Award” (which I think is VERY appropriate!) by Becky Dennis, the president of the charity, and a true friend of the firm.

Team Spirit Award — OnTarget Partners

After lunch, we headed to a nearby Immersive Gamebox facility. For those unfamiliar, Immersive Gamebox offers interactive digital games played together in “smart rooms.”

We were excited to try out the cooperative games which require teamwork and communication to succeed. The games use motion tracking, projection mapping, touch screens and surround sound to create an incredibly engaging experience.

OnTarget Team Ready to Play!

The games sparked our creativity and got us cheering each other on. We learned how well we collaborate under pressure!

Bonding experiences outside of day-to-day work are so valuable. They remind us how much we enjoy each other’s company.

We highly recommend Immersive Gamebox or similar creative team building activities. Taking a break from regular routines to play together builds trust and strengths relationships. Now when challenges arise in work projects, we feel even more united as a cohesive team.

Does your company prioritize team building activities? What unique and fun ways have you bonded with coworkers? Share your stories and ideas with us!

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