OnTarget Virtual — Still Partnering for Success

The OnTarget team continues to produce for our clients, albeit virtually.

I, personally, am working from my kitchen table. This idea of “social distancing” which seemed so foreign to me initially, now does not. We are all in this together, as they say. My team and I agree.

So…we meet virtually.

Not feet apart, but miles apart.

I call it “OnTarget Virtual”.

Our ‘All Hands’ meetings take place daily. We use cameras and video to connect. It’s not perfect: we talk over each other; our technology fails to perform at maximum success-level sometimes; we get caught up on something else when we should be online. But, it works!

Surprisingly well!

I guess we are all learning to deal with the circumstances that have been thrust upon us. It is not easy, but it is, surprisingly…effective.

Here is a pic of me and my team from last week. It probably looks a lot like you and your team, doesn’t it?

As they say, we are all on this together.

OnTarget Virtual Team;  OnTarget Virtual -- Still Partnering for Success
The OnTarget Virtual Team

I guess you could say…we are all now striving for success — virtually.


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