Models, Models, Everywhere!

No, not those models. These are not male nor female.

They are not human at all.

But they are important…they are sales and marketing models. The ones we rely on every day at OnTarget, to conduct good, solid business with and for our clients.

They are the structures of success.

Take, for example, the SiriusDecisions funnel:

How important is that to a demand generation process? I would say very much so!

Our clients are interested in MAL, MQL, SAL, and SQL. If you don’t know that those mean, well…

How about the Client Value Method?

Have you seen this before? Can you say “solution sales”? If you follow the big blue oval and keep clients happy, good things will happen.

Finally, take a look at IBM’s Signature Selling Method.

How many deals have been won using this? Millions!

So, models are important; valuable in ways marketers and sales folks can appreciate, for sure.

They are pretty good looking to us at OnTarget. Bring on the models!


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