Verified Contacts — Time Saved is Revenue Earned

Are you looking for that special someone? More likely, you probably require a long list of special “someones.” Our clients usually have a very good idea about which companies and targets they would like to connect with when offering a solution. We’re in the business of streamlining the time it takes to get them to their verified contacts.

There are plenty of contact/lead lists available for downloading or purchasing. You can find them easily enough on the Internet, search for them on various databases, or by purchasing them through various vendors. There are significant discrepancies in the quality versus the quantity of these contact lists, though. I’m not saying that all of the names provided on these lists aren’t valid. At some point in time, current or otherwise, the connection with the name on that list and the company with which he or she is listed probably existed. There may not be a guarantee that these are current contacts though, since who knows when they were last verified…or if they have ever been verified.

For example, your list may have Joe Smith as the Director of Marketing for the company you have been trying to reach out to for months. Even better your list has his email, direct phone number, and it’s looking like you’re going to have your foot in the door in no time. Then…you call the number…oh, it has been disconnected. You try it again to make sure you dialed correctly. No, it’s still disconnected. You send an email which immediately bounces back. You call the main number and the operator says, “No, Joe hasn’t worked here in 5 years.” Well, there went 10 minutes that could have been spent doing something more productive!

Our research team at OnTarget takes verification of our contact data very seriously. We understand and appreciate how important it is to be able to make the right calls to the right people…many times a day, everyday. The time invested by our research department and the contact generation strategy we follow ultimately results in more time returned to our clients in the form of quality contact data, pre-verified contacts, and a higher rate of potential closed deals (and revenue!).

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