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The Importance of Mapping Accounts in B2B

Posted September 17th by Ed Trachier

Every B2B‚ marketer and salesperson has the requirement of mapping their accounts.‚  By mapping accounts, we understand the decision makers, champions, and influencers that can motivate and purchase from us. Account mapping allows the clear delineation of the “who” in the purchasing decision:‚  “Who is involved in making things happen with regard to the solution I… Continue reading

CEO Marketing

Posted April 24th by Ed Trachier

By: Ed Trachier – April 24, 2013 Marketing to the top is not easy. CEO marketing requires unrelenting patience and tenacity. It also forces marketers to be at the top of their game at all times, understanding that powerful executives expect nothing less and often demand more. I have been in the CEO marketing business for over… Continue reading

Clean Data

Posted March 24th by Ed Trachier

By: Ed Trachier – March 24, 2013 What is the best way to clean data, and move over into a new CRM? Yes, it is a question that marketing professionals have struggled with for decades. In examining your current sales data, it is critically important to take a holistic view of all of your data. What records… Continue reading

B2B Marketing and Sales Companies

Posted March 18th by Ed Trachier

As an insider, I have a unique perspective of outsourced‚ B2B marketing and sales companies.‚  Competitors of OnTarget Partners generally fall into four categories: 1. Full service boutiques 2. Pay for performance appointment setting firms 3. Onshore/offshore telesales organizations 4. Market and marketing research companies Generally, the clients we work with have a good grasp of… Continue reading

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