Product Service and/or Solutions Launches:

OnTarget understands the key Principles of Marketing. The general definition of Marketing has been defined as “the sum of all activities involved in the transfer of goods from a seller to buyer”. It may seem straightforward by definition and the most used approach in defining the process has been known for years as:

The 4 P’s of Marketing:
– product
– price
– place
– promotion

More recently the 4 P’s have been refined further to the 7 P’s of Marketing which also include:
– people
– positioning
– packaging

OnTarget’s experience shows that in today’s complex and highly competitive marketplace, it is imperative to understand all 7 P’s and tailor Product, Service and/or Solutions launches based on your specific company profile, the markets you serve, and most importantly, for your customer or client profiles. It is imperative to understand how your customers or clients consume information, rationalize what is available to them and ultimately how they get to the critical point of a “buying decision”.

OnTarget Partners will work with your team to identify the key elements listed and will develop a customized plan to ensure the most effective launch plan and execution framework are deployed. This strategic approach includes the involvement of your senior management and sales team and is at the core of a successful product launch.