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Content Marketing Minds: God’s Repurposing Plan – Social Media Today

shutterstock_153218306The Holy Bible. It’s not only the most read book, it’s also the most repurposed work ever created.

From booklets to brochures, inspirationals to infographics, sermons to stories, calendars to coasters – what hasn’t been scribed from The Scriptures?

You can look at apps alone. Search for “Bible” in Google Play or iTunes. You’ll be scrolling for eternity.

It’s God’s plan, right? The Father knew we’d need these words every day in every conceivable way. So he created the ultimate masterwork and invited disciples everywhere to give it everlasting life.

And now for a slightly awkward segue.

With apologies to authors Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman, their book “Content Rules” has become something of a bible of content marketing. If you’ll open to chapter 5, the book of “Reimagine,” we’ll learn valuable lessons about the “anatomy of a content circle of life.”

“Content Rules” says, “Take a broader view. Create content that can come to life in various formats, across many different platforms, and can address multiple audiences”….


Source: Social Media Today

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