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Why You Chose Sales Leadership as Your Profession

1.     You are competitive by nature and winning is important

2.     You have strong drive and work ethic

3.     You tolerance for risk is higher than the average person

4.     You want to be able to generate superior income

5.     You want to be the best possible provider for your family

Today’s sales leaders bear little resemblance to those of 10 years ago. Gone are the days of Rolodex selling, expensive dinners, closing deals on the golf course and pure referral sales.  Customers are much more informed about their options and price competition continues to increase, as do revenue goals.

Assuming your company’s products or services are competitively priced and delivered well, how do you make sure your teams come out on top?  The answer is you!

Keys To Developing High Performance Sales Teams:

  • Recognize that every job in your company depends on your team’s ability to sell and achieve the revenue plan
  • Hire people like you that have a passion to win
  • Spend as much time with your highest producers as you do with your lowest producers – they are the ones that ensure you “make the plan”
  • Underperforming sales people can rarely be saved, cut your losses early
  • Build a functioning sales process and adhere to it religiously
  • Invest in sales tools that increase sales rep effectiveness – the individual sales person can make more money and the company benefits from a lower cost of sales by increasing their return on each rep

By the way, if you didn’t agree with at least 4 of these ‘5 Reasons’ at the beginning of this post you are probably in the wrong profession!

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