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Protecting Your Rainmakers

During the lows of 2009 and 2010 many companies thinned the sales ranks to reduce sales and marketing investment and relied on their “rainmakers” to carry them through the lean times.  Since 20% of most sales forces generally provide 80% of sales revenue, it made sense to lean down sales expense to protect the company’s bottom line.

Our Sales Leaders Blog post titled “Has Anyone Seen My Sales Leads” cited a recent Linkedin message suggesting that on average, 23% of everyone’s business contacts changed jobs last year.  My first reaction to that statistic was that finally the economy was really growing again and new jobs were being created.  Then again, perhaps that was not it at all.

Are Your Rainmakers Considering Greener Pastures?

When companies begin hiring again many start by targeting the best sales talent in their industry.  Your talent!  What if real job growth was not occurring, and instead the “rainmakers” out there were moving on to what they consider better opportunities?

The best way to prevent the sales rainmakers you count on in good times and bad from jumping to the competition is to continue engaging and investing in your sales team.  Best-in-class companies do this by constantly reviewing their sales processes and looking for way to optimize sales force efficiency.   Investing in Lead Generation Management technology, Sales Intelligence Services and forging strong alignment between sales and marketing teams are only a few ways to increase sales force efficiency – and keep your rainmakers happy.   With 12-16 month ramp up times to get most B2B sales reps productive you can’t afford to lose your top producers.

For more on Getting More Rain From Your Rainmakers download our whitepaper here.  We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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