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 Marketing’s Role in Creating Inbound Leads

Not too long ago your company’s products and services weren’t available online. The only way that someone could find out about you was most likely through a salesperson. The “information scarcity” helped traditional methods like telemarketing, trade shows and direct mail flourish. Nowadays, you’ll still see some of those outbound techniques but for the most part, they aren’t as effective as they were (certain mediums are up for debate). Partly because of the convergence of dozens of marketing channels that consumers are influenced by and interact with on a daily basis. Partly because we have the world at our finger tips…soon to be our eyes. But MOSTLY because the buyer mentality has changed. Consumers have complete and utter control over the buying process now.

Inbound Marketing Confusion

The concept of Inbound Marketing can be confusing for the non-digital native CMO. There’s more to Inbound Marketing than hiring your nephew to write tons of witty blog posts. The correct integration of Inbound strategies into your organization will make you a marketing hero, allow you to lower the COCA (Cost of Customer Acquisition), will tighten the relationship between sales and marketing as well as give you better piece of mind when presenting to the C-levels.

Here are 4 ways to become a better Inbound Marketing CMO.


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