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Make Your Sales Efforts Pay Off in a 2.0 World by Edelshain & Cousineau

7 Tips to Make Your Sales Efforts Pay Off in a 2.0 World Click Here to Open in PDF

Buyers are using Google and social media to buy in a different way. Sales people are in the midst of learning how to adapt to this new buyer behavior.
It’s a situation in which sales people are constantly stretched to figure out new tools and techniques – and fast. We have annual numbers to hit. We don’t have the luxury of holing up in an academic tower to analyze and figure everything out.

Maybe the biggest challenge of all in this maelstrom of change is where to put our effort to get the maximum payoff? You can execute brilliantly on a prospecting campaign but if you are calling the wrong prospects your “Return-on-Effort” is near zero. There is more to this than just efficient time management.

This mini e-book is a start to exploring this important question of Return- on-Effort for today’s sales person.

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