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Crossing the Chasm: The New Obstacle for B2B Buyers – Marketing Interactions Blog

shutterstock_172035236I’ve come to the conclusion that evolution is lopsided. Especially when it comes to B2B marketing vs. sales. It seems to me that either one or the other is evolving, but much of the time it doesn’t seem to be both. At least not within the same organization.

The best marketers are on a quest to get to know their buyers. They’re doing the hard work to create personas, develop content strategy and execute content marketing in a way that moves the needle by building relationships.

On the other side, salespeople who are in tune with their markets are spending the time to do research on prospects, learning how to apply the content that marketing is developing to supporting relevant dialogues with customers. And with all of this in hand, they’re adding value to keep the progression established earlier in the buying process moving toward the decision to buy.

Then there’s everyone else. What the heck happened?


Source: Marketing Interactions Blog

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