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Webcast: Hiding In Plain Sight – Segmenting and Prospect Profiling

Download Slides: “Hiding In Plain Sight” (pdf)

Sales teams today cannot afford to spend valuable time and resources pursuing mass markets or poorly selected segments.  Knowing where to focus however is not always immediately obvious.   Sales leaders and marketing both can benefit by learning the fundamentals of prospect segmentation and target profiling.

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Join Sales 2.0 leader 3forward for this highly informative webcast and learn how to get started with this powerful approach to improving sales results.  Attendees will receive a complementary set of 3forward’s time saving templates!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Conduct a Market Audit – internal, external, trends and challenges
  • Assessing Competition
  • Building a SWOT matrix – what it means, how to do it, where to apply it
  • Categorizing Target Markets
  • Segmentation – Four Requirements
  • Creating a Market Map
  • Product and Service Offering Characterization Techniques
  • Four Benefit Levels of  Offerings
  • Putting It All Together

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