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Webcast: Above the Funnel: How To Measure (and Grow) Your Lead Pipeline

Sales leaders, you think non-stop about your sales pipeline, its size, value and velocity. It’s the best dashboard you have of the opportunities your team is trying so hard to close and helps forecast the revenues your company is counting on.

But what about your Lead Pipeline? If it is running low, slow or dry you may not know it until too late!

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Managed well, a company’s Lead Pipeline is the best indicator of the success you will enjoy in future quarters, but it requires a completely different set of measurement criteria, stage definitions and valuation approaches.

Join 3forward for this revealing look at how to begin tracking, measuring and valuing your Lead Pipeline.

What you will learn:

  • The best criteria for lead stage definitions
  • Highly measurable metrics to assess Lead Pipeline velocity and viability
  • When to move leads from lead management to sales management
  • Tools to track leads before they enter your pipeline
  • How to benchmark your lead development and conversion rates
  • Lead Pipeline goals Sales and Marketing should share

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