C-Suite Prospecting

Marketing to the top is not easy.

C-Suite marketing requires unrelenting patience and tenacity.  It also forces marketers to be at the top of their game at all times, understanding that powerful executives expect nothing less and often demand more.

OnTarget Partners has been in the C-Suite marketing business for over 20 years now.  So, what have we learned about C-Suite marketing over this time?  Several things that may have an impact on how you approach selling to CXOs in the future:

CXOs are interested in solutions that help their companies become more effective and efficient.  They want to cut costs and increase revenue.  They are required to spend time on strategic initiatives that make the company better in the future.  They are expected to be visionaries and motivators, with great communication abilities and unwavering integrity.

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CXOs are paid to make the right decisions quickly.  This does not mean that they do not do their homework; it means that they tend to say “no” much more readily than the average corporate buyer.  They process better.  They know what they need based on experience and talent, and if your offering does not create the value they require, you will be shown the door quickly.

Therefore, studying and reading prior to marketing to a company CXO is paramount.

If you understand where the leader is looking to take the company, it is much easier to see where your solution fits in that journey.

Look for situations, issues, and opportunities that match success stories and case studies for your company’s solutions.  If these exist, you may have just discovered demand.

Build your value proposition to highlight your solution in such a way that the CXO knows immediately the value you can bring to the table.  The CXO will appreciate your candor and if your offerings match up to his or her vision, you may be on your way to a fabulous, long-term business relationship.

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