Market Message Creation & Testing

When developing an effective marketing message there are several KEY FACTORS involved:

creativesvsKey Characteristics of the Target Audience – The makeup of the target audience (e.g., age, location, attitudes, etc.) impacts what is conveyed in the message.

Most Effective Type of Media to be Used – The media outlet (e.g., television, print, Internet, etc.) used to deliver the message impacts the way a message will be created.

Product or Service Differentiators– Products that are highly complex require a different message than simpler products.  Additionally, the target market’s familiarity with a product or service affects how the message should be constructed. For example: a new product or service that is unknown in the market will require a message that is very different than a product or service that is generally understood.

Strategic Advertising Objective – The objective of an advertising campaign will affect the type of ad that is to be designed. For example: an advertisement with the objective of stimulating immediate sales for an existing product will need a strong call to action than an advertisement designed to first build initial awareness of a new product or service category.

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