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Increase Engagement & Loyalty

Build better engagement and increase social sharing by rewarding your users with points and badges they can collect and redeem for prizes. Leverage the power of your existing visitors and reward them for referring, sharing and taking the actions you want.


The video game industry is worth more than $100bn worldwide, so it’s no surprise that businesses are using “Gamification” to try to boost sales.

The idea is that by adding gaming elements to the sales process, such as small challenges and rewards, you can increase customer loyalty and advocacy. As in every game or competition, the participants have to be motivated by a worthwhile reward. It’s also true that the greater the reward, the more you can ask people to do to earn the reward. Last year Gamification CEO Gabe Zichermann said that the reward customers most valued was status above their peers. His justification was people are already used to being rewarded with additional titles and status while playing video games.

OnTarget is now incorporating this concept into our proven approach to Audience Acquisition, Prospecting, Lead Generation and Digital Marketing programs to further enhance our core strengths in generating new sales leads to support our Clients’ goal to grow their business.

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