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OnTarget is experienced in all types of Company Research. We understand how to build lists of companies based on industry, geography, or vertical.

We encourage our clients to template recent customer wins on the marketplace and target those for new business. Using case studies and reference-able accounts in marketing typically yields great results.

company researchIn researching companies, one of the first steps is to determine if it is a publicly held or a private company. Researching private companies is more challenging. Since private companies are usually not required to file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission, locating information about them tends to be more difficult. Therefore, you may need to revise your expectations and be more flexible in what you will be able to find. For example, you might not find financial reports on private companies; instead, you may need to accept a revenue range or estimate, company ranking by revenue, or even inferred revenue based on information known or presumed.

While information published on private companies may be conjecture, filings with the federal or state government should be more reliable because of government penalties for misreporting.

There is usually less published about smaller companies than larger companies.

Ask Questions:

Determine what you really need to know. What questions do you need answers for?

Do you want to know where Corporate is located? Where IT or Finance operates?

Do you know the typical size of company you have success with? Is this based on revenues or employee size?

Then we consider which sources are most likely to have the information you need and how reliable the information will be (e.g., Where did they get it from, how was it derived, who published it? Is there an association, government agency, or think tank that focuses on the industry?). We have access to most every database in the US of public and private companies.

What do you already know about the company/industry (e.g., Does it have patents, emit pollutants, make consumer products, is it in a regulated industry?)

Answers to these types of questions will help us decide how we conduct Company Research for you. 

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