Quality Sales Leads versus Appointment Setting

Ed Trachier Founder and CEO OnTarget Partners

Ed Trachier
Founder and CEO
OnTarget Partners

Sales and marketing teams tend to struggle with the common problem of quality versus quantity.

In OnTarget’s realm, that usually‚ revolves around‚ what level of qualification is required before a prospect enters the sales funnel.

When asked my opinion, I will always take quality over quantity.‚  Always.

Executive sales people are highly paid and busy.‚  They don’t need to waste time on under-qualified suspects.

We term this, internally, quality sales leads versus appointment setting services.

We look for the need, find the decision-maker, influencers and champions.‚  We explore timeframe and budget.

When everything matches up, you have a quality sales lead.‚  That’s when we set the appointment.

Some of our competitors may be better at appointment setting.‚  I’ll challenge any of them on quality sales leads.



Ed Trachier is Founder and CEO of OnTarget Partners.‚  He can be reached at 469-200-4901, or via email at



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