Qualified Sales Leads: Quality vs. Quantity


You know I have read a lot of articles and blog posts related to this topic and everyone always screams quality, quality, quality. Now I am not here to disagree with those opinions (in fact, I agree with most of them) but I do want to tell you that although quality is very important, there must be a level of quantity in a demand creation campaign to justify its existence. The quantity/quality spectrum does not just have 2 points on a line but instead has hundreds of points between the two. We always want to lean toward the quality side but we have to understand there has to be a component of quantity to ensure success. I like to compare this to baseball. You can throw the best hitters in baseball a fastball right down the middle and on average only 1 out of 3 times will they get a hit. This same element is true for most sales people as well. We can get them the highest quality lead but that does not ensure they can close it. This dilemma is why we marketers not only have to get the sales team “fastballs down the middle“, but as many as possible so they can have multiple chances to “get a hit.”

Look at it another way, as marketers we know that we have to send the sales team leads that are as qualified as possible otherwise, we run the risk of the sales team rejecting the leads or accepting them and never following up. Herein lies another dilemma – once a lead is passed over to the sales team we marketers lose control. No matter how qualified that lead was, if the member of the sales team that received the lead does not close it, it must have been “crap” in their minds. We must continue to feed them qualified sales leads to ensure they have multiple chances to close a deal.

The bottom line is whether you run a lead generation or appointment setting campaign internally, or utilize a third party vendor, you have to create a certain level of qualified sales leads, without ignoring the element of quantity.

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