Event-triggered Marketing: The Purchasing of Time


Timing is everything. A vitally essential tenet to the success of any sales & marketing team is timeliness. In past corporate generations, the “word of mouth” method of discovering new leads (that are congruent with the service offering) too often led to hap-hazard, guess-based strategies. Making a blind call or inquiry into a company to gauge interest in a value-added service, without proper knowledge of need, budget, etc., can lead to a significant number of “dead-ends,” and in the long run, puts a great deal of strain on resources (a basic mis-step when evaluating Opportunity Cost).

In today’s corporate landscape, a robust increase in number of providers coupled with the ability of an industry’s largest vendors to adapt to a greater scope of needs, time (or more appropriately, timing) is more important than ever. A premium is placed on finding the right opportunity at precisely the right time. Unlike the “good fortune” method discussed above, companies can no longer afford to sift blindly through the marketplace hoping to strike a hot lead by chance. A company with little to no sense of timing continues to come up short, while rival companies reap rewards for their assertiveness based on prior knowledge of Trigger Events. Event-triggered marketing allows an organization to “rise above the noise” of other (competing) vendors, giving them the valued leverage of being able to say that they were the first in the door, the first to hear the news and (perhaps most importantly) the first to be proactive.

Does your organization have a plan in place to monitor the corporate landscape in real-time? Do you have the resource bandwidth to be able to properly and proactively pursue leads before they might even be considered leads? Most companies would say no. Allow your sales & marketing team better “at-bats” by equipping them for success: purchase them the commodity of time.

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