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Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?

Posted February 17th by Ed Trachier

Some questions that often comes up in discussions with clients and prospects at OnTarget Partners are from the CMO or other B2B marketing executive:  “Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?” or “Why can’t I get my sales team to follow-up on my leads?” Marketing creates leads via online, tradeshow, conference, research or… Continue reading

Dollar Cost B2B Marketing

Posted February 9th by Ed Trachier

Dollar Cost Averaging is defined as an investment strategy which "reduces the risk of incurring a substantial loss resulting from investing (an) entire 'lump sum'" by "dividing the total sum to be invested in the market into equal amounts put into the market at regular intervals." (Wikipedia)  In essence, the technique works in markets undergoing temporary… Continue reading

Superbowl Winning B2B Marketing

Posted February 1st by Ed Trachier

Before Jimmy Johnson was a football commentator, he was a football coach; a pretty good one, too. Jimmy led the Dallas Cowboys to two consecutive Superbowl wins, and he built the team that won its third in four years during the 90’s.  He was well respected, if not all that well liked. Part of the… Continue reading

Docurated names OnTaget Partners top sales management blog

Posted November 10th by Ed Trachier

OnTarget was recently named one of the top blogs for sales management by Docurated.  We are very proud of this accomplishment!  -Ed Managing a sales force of any size is never a simple endeavor. Whether your sales reps are in-house, in-the-field, all within the same 100-mile radius, or spanning several continents, your job as… Continue reading

Too Much Sales Data or Not Enough Sales Intelligence?

Posted June 26th by Dan Hudson

Your sales reps are continuously threatened with information overload.  Forget for a moment about the tidal wave of internal information they have to deal with on a daily basis and focus just on the information flows related to producing new revenues.  Think about it, we ask every rep to be an expert on the industry… Continue reading

6 Months Left To Make Your Revenue Number, Sales Leaders

Posted June 19th by Dan Hudson

School is out and upcoming summer vacations are top of mind with many of us, which also means that there about six months left in this selling year.  Summer can be a difficult time to sell because so many decision makers, other executives and managers, and even sales reps are away on holiday.  If you… Continue reading

What Sales Process You Ask?

Posted June 14th by Dan Hudson

Ask any CEO to describe their manufacturing or service delivery process and they can likely spend hours telling you about it.  They can explain how they built not only a process but also a level of efficiency that gives them a competitive advantage.  They will also likely explain that the processes has changed significantly over… Continue reading

Selling B2B Solutions? It’s Never About The Budget!

Posted May 30th by Dan Hudson

One thing we were all taught in our first sales 101 classes is that you must always make sure that your prospect has the budget to afford your product or solution. I have found through my 35 plus years in sales and sales leadership positions that this axiom is hogwash.  The reality is that prospects… Continue reading

How To Increase Your Sales Win Rate by 9%

Posted February 6th by admin

What A 9% Win Rate Increase Means In Real Sales Results In their 2011 Sales Performance Optimization study CSO Insights reported that B2B sales organizations with a formal prospect definition experienced a 9% greater win rate than those with no formal prospect definition. We analyzed the value of that 9 percent advantage in our Sales… Continue reading

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