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Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?

Posted February 17th by Ed Trachier

Some questions that often comes up in discussions with clients and prospects at OnTarget Partners are from the CMO or other B2B marketing executive:  “Why can’t I get sales to call these leads?” or “Why can’t I get my sales team to follow-up on my leads?” Marketing creates leads via online, tradeshow, conference, research or… Continue reading

Dollar Cost B2B Marketing

Posted February 9th by Ed Trachier

Dollar Cost Averaging is defined as an investment strategy which "reduces the risk of incurring a substantial loss resulting from investing (an) entire 'lump sum'" by "dividing the total sum to be invested in the market into equal amounts put into the market at regular intervals." (Wikipedia)  In essence, the technique works in markets undergoing temporary… Continue reading

Superbowl Winning B2B Marketing

Posted February 1st by Ed Trachier

Before Jimmy Johnson was a football commentator, he was a football coach; a pretty good one, too. Jimmy led the Dallas Cowboys to two consecutive Superbowl wins, and he built the team that won its third in four years during the 90’s.  He was well respected, if not all that well liked. Part of the… Continue reading

Docurated names OnTaget Partners top sales management blog

Posted November 10th by Ed Trachier

OnTarget was recently named one of the top blogs for sales management by Docurated.  We are very proud of this accomplishment!  -Ed Managing a sales force of any size is never a simple endeavor. Whether your sales reps are in-house, in-the-field, all within the same 100-mile radius, or spanning several continents, your job as… Continue reading

Jim Valvano and B2B Marketing

Posted May 1st by Ed Trachier

By: Ed Trachier – March 1, 2014 I was talking to one of my best clients yesterday, and she reminded me of something I learned many years ago, but had not really thought about in quite some time: People buy due to emotion. We are a hurried society, receiving many, many pitches daily. Sometimes, we don't even… Continue reading

Are Your Sales Skills Getting Flabby? – 3FORWARD

Posted December 11th by Dan Hudson

My day usually starts at 5:00 A.M. at my local health club, and today was no exception. After finishing a 10-mile bike ride it was time to head to the weight room.  I was bored with my current program so I opened my program folder to see if there was another one that I could… Continue reading

Superior Selling Results Requires Discipline, Not Luck – 3FORWARD

Posted November 27th by Dan Hudson

John Rohn, American inventor and motivational speaker summed it up the best when he said, “Discipline is the Bridge Between Goals and Accomplishments”. How you think, how you feel, and what you do, will most certainly determine your sales results.  Seems like a fairly simple formula, but the reality is that the vast majority of… Continue reading

The Role of Content in the B2B IT Buying Process – Marketing Interactions

Posted November 15th by admin

Creating and Nurturing B2B Leads The 2012 Customer Engagement Study, conducted by IDG Enterprise and released at the end of September, focused on learning more about the role content plays in an IT Decision Maker’s buying process. A validation for the role of content: Enterprise IT Decision Makers engage with an average of 10 content assets… Continue reading

What Are The Real Sales Best Practices? – 3FORWARD

Posted November 13th by admin

We started 2012 committed to finding the real best-practices in B2B sales and marketing.  Here are a few that time and again prove to be a critical part of the foundation of any successful sales model, their potential impact, and a specific study that performed the research. Best Practice Impact Source Study Formal Prospect Definition… Continue reading

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