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What Makes You The Expert?

Besides managing the sales teams and delivering “the number”, companies also expect their Sales Leaders to be industry experts. Most are just that, often knowing as well or better than anyone else in the organization where things are headed and what key trends are shaping the future.

Developing this level of knowledge and insight comes from years in the business, gut feel, contacts and relationships. It’s also dependent on staying in tune with published industry news, developments and announcements available in trade journals and other industry news portals.

Here are some highly relevant articles to help provide you that edge you’ll need heading into 2011’s first quarter. If you sell outsourcing, IT services or technology solutions they suggest a number of key trends to factor into your sales strategies.

CIOs Recharged and Ready for 2011

“This coming year will, happily, be all about enhancing productivity, investing strategically and fueling growth.” Read More…

The straight talk on IT’s new directions

“IT’s traditional domain — is over. Companies are tired of paying for what they view as plumbing.” Read More…

11 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2011

“Smaller contracts and hard lines on prices. Cloud-related commotion and back-door deals. Increased offshoring and decreased customer satisfaction. Happy New Year, outsourcers!” Read More…

Hope it helps get you going!

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