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What Are Your New Year’s SALES Resolutions?

New Year Sales ResolutionsNew Commitment to Sales Improvement!

It's never too soon to start making those lists of New Year commitments so common in early January.  Here are a few suggestions to help you CEOs and Chief Sales Officers with your list of sales improvement resolutions.

2012 Sales Resolutions

  • Review your sales metrics dashboard to make sure you're watching the right leading indictors.
  • Purge your pipeline of stale opportunities and permanent no-decisions.
  • Refresh your Sweet Spot Matrix and share a copy with your marketing and lead generation teams.
  • Finalize your 2012 Revenue Plan.
  • Review your Social Media and Online Strategy for the coming year.
  • Ask marketing for a website analysis and keyword report.
  • Finalize your 2012 sales training plan for sales management and sales reps.
  • Review your lead funnel metrics and make sure you have enough sales leads in your database to make your conversion targets.
  • Benchmark your sales team – make sure to look at both past performance and future potential.  Create a plan to protect your A's, improve your B's and coach your C's up or out.
  • Review and test your sales compensation plans before announcing them to the full team.
  • Put marketing automation on the Q1 priority list.
  • Refresh your account planning template and set your account review schedule for the year.

We've provided links in these suggestions to past Sales Leaders Blog posts and tools and templates on our Sales Resources center.  We hope they help you prepare for a fast start to 2012.

If you'd like help putting together your 2012 Sales Resolutions list, schedule a Sales Optimization Review with a 3FORWARD partner.

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