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Turning Your Website Into a Sales 2.0 Partner

Sales 2.0If your firm is like most of the companies we engage with your marketplace is crowded with competitors.  Every competitor has a website, some are good and some not so good.  Given tight sales and marketing budgets how can you improve the odds of your web site being found when a prospect with a need starts searching for a solution? Here is a 4-step approach to improving those odds dramatically.

Help Your Website Sell As Hard As You Do

Analyze your existing website structure

When was the last time you reviewed and refreshed your website? Website structure is critical both in terms of ease of use and for proper indexing by search engines. A website that is poorly constructed will cause users to bounce away if they can’t find the information they need quickly. Strong visual appeal and links to social sites are also important.

Review your competitors web presence

How does your website compare to your top 5 competitors? How do your product or service landing pages compare with your competition? What keywords are they using to be found and how effective are they in social media engagement? Do they blog regularly and does the content they provide add value or is it a selling message? If after your review you find your competitors are engaging with their target audience more effectively than your firm it’s time to invest in a better process.

Get the right key words

Key word research is key component in building an on-line strategy. Effectively integrating those key words into your web presence can help you be found faster and before your competitors. Several methodologies are available to make sure the right keywords are found. The goal is to find key word phrase combinations that help you establish your own brand persona.  Give these approaches a try.

  1. Google analytics
  2. Key words already in existence on your website
  3. Key words used by your competitors
  4. Keyword popularity searches

Social media engagement

Most if not all companies are present in some way on social networks; platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the most common ones.  The unique attribute of social networks is that they allow you to connect with people who are like-minded or that have critical problems they are trying to solve.  Social media is the perfect venue for your firm to show their market and domain experience by providing content and information with these groups. Real success is determined by being able to engage with conversations, not just pushing a sales pitch. Approaching social networking with the right spirit will quickly gain you traction from the right followers.

Curious what a competitive web site assessment includes?   Get in touch and we’ll share a sample with you.

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