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The Best Sales Training Available is OI’s "The Transaction"

A MBA level sales training course is unfolding on the pages of the Outsourcing Institute (  It's called The Transaction and it's a one-of-a-kind video chronicle following a buyer team at Kodak on their journey to find and contract a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider.   Lesson 3, I'm sorry, I mean Episode 3 just premiered, and as Gary Bragar, HR Outsourcing Research Manager, NelsonHall  says, this is a fantastic chance for both Buyers and Providers to "gain appreciation of a real life RPO Buying experience, from excitement to moments of frustration, as Kodak interviews seven vendors that were down-selected from an initial list of 50."

Yes, It's That Powerful

The Transaction video series, each segment lasts 8 to 12 minutes, should be watched by every sales manager, account executive and solution team member in the outsourcing business.   Where else will you have the opportunity to see and hear the uncensored comments from a hard-edged buyer team on what they love, hate and wish they heard, as they (sometimes ruthlessly) pepper presentation teams on their solution.   Some sales teams clearly have it together, prepare well and bring creativity to their solutions.  Others, well, please watch for yourself, but I will warn you the bad ones are painful to watch. 

Another Reason to Watch

The video is well done, edgy and fast paced.  OI founder and CEO Frank Casale explains, "We've taken a step past the mundane Powerpoints and whitepapers that are all too prevalent in our industry.  Video format brings the process to life in a unique and compelling way that acknowledges the complexities of outsourcing and the challenges it can create for the people behind the process."   As Frank likes to say, "Think "The Real World" but substitute the slacker youth for highly motivated strategic executives with a hyper-aggressive timeline and minimal resources."

Sales leaders, insist your teams watch The Transaction then gather them afterwards for a head to head session on what they learned.   Please share your results with us on The Sales and Marketing Times!


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