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The 5 Fatal Flaws of Elevator Pitching – Forbes

 Improving Sales Presentations

When it comes to the classic elevator pitch, many of us feel inadequate. And no wonder, it’s a pretty tough challenge. How do you capture the essence of what you do, why your company is great, and how you provide superior value in a quick and memorable sound bite? Especially when our audiences are increasingly cynical and attention-challenged.

Recently, I was introduced to a free sales pitch tool called The ValuePitch, created by Wisdom Link founder Jon LoDuca. The toolset is one of the most innovative methods I’ve ever seen for helping entrepreneurs craft a powerful and unique pitch without a gimmick or a script. This is a really strong tool for making that creative leap.

According to LoDuca, the problems with most of our elevator pitches are the following.   READ MORE>>>

Source: Forbes

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