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Taming Twitter with Social Media Breakfast Dallas

3forward has been proud to be a part of bringing Social Media Breakfast to Dallas along with our charter partner Andrew Jackson, president of BravoTECH.  Our June meeting featured guest expert and SMB Dallas member Tom Jackson presenting on best practices for Twitter (and other Social Media platforms).

Tom’s key takeaways follow:

  • Keep Twitter posts relevant to your business objective, if you sell spa services don’t Tweet about your morning coffee experience;
  • Sound Social Media Strategy includes Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Blogging – there is no single platform silver bullet;
  • When to Tweet?  Consider the Dr. Pepper strategy: 10am, 2pm and 4pm (adjust to your customer base’s local time zone if different from yours);
  • Leave character space for Re-Tweets, ideally at least 20 characters;
  • Consider setting up AutoFollow for new followers (and always DM a ‘thanks for the follow’).

Tom also offered these Twitter and Social Media Traps to avoid:

  • Be careful about who creates your company Twitter account.  Consider having it set up in the name of a company officer and that the username and login are in safe hands;
  • If you’re a new user and just starting building your friends and connections, think twice about loading up with your clients right out of the gate.  It exposes your customer list to any savvy competitors monitoring your digital activities;
  • Do not make all your Tweets links to something else; simple, value added messages are important.

There is a lot more great information in Tom’s deck.  View it here and feel free to share.

Next month’s Social Media Breakfast Dallas meeting is July 29th at BravoTECH

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