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Social Media Outsourcing Update 4.26.11

3FORWARD's Complimentary Weekly Bulletin of Outsourcing-Related Social Media Discussions.

Identify sales trigger events, connect with industry leaders, spot trends and even chat with clients or prospects.   For outsourcing providers, IT services companies and other solution providers – these links are opportunities to engage your subject experts, showcase thought-leadership, link back to relevant blog posts and content and generate ideas for the future.   Enjoy!

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Outsourcing turns 20

Two decades of experimenting with routinized independent contracting has brought us to a new inflection point. What will outsourcing look like during its third decade, and what will it mean to the competitive nature of organizations around the world?


Why is sourcing becoming a priority for the CIO office?

The war for technology talent is expected to become more and more significant over years for organisations to gain and sustain competitive advantage. Organisations with foresight and vision understand the impact of this on their long-term success.

The Finance & Accounting BPO market landscape in 2011

This week has marked a pivotal occasion in HfS' development as a research analyst organization, with our official launch of the HfS BPO PriceIndicator(TM).  As a special thank you for all your support, we are making our flagship 2011 F&A BPO market landcape report available as freemium for our subscribers – but only for one week!  So download your copy today.  This post is an executive summary of the download.


Ten Pitfalls in Outsourcing Transitions

There's no shortage of methodologies and advisories on best practices and risk mitigation strategies for the transition phase of outsourcing relationships. Even so, many buyers encounter situations they didn't foresee when structuring their arrangement, which cause costs to rise and delay time to value. Outsourcing Center studied these types of situations by surveying companies nominated for the 2011 Outsourcing Excellence Awards program and found the following 10 pitfalls.


What can we learn from Amazon's cloud collapse?

Amazon may be best-known for its online shopping site, but it also has a substantial cloud computing business. It provides a scalable, flexible and particularly efficient solution for companies to store and deliver massive amounts of content. Its model of only paying for what you consume was a radical innovation when it launched in 2006. In fact, Amazon Web Services has been so affordable and reliable that thousands of companies from Foursquare to Netflix utilize the company's cloud computing technology and servers to run their businesses. They put their faith in Amazon's cloud because there was no reason to think that it would falter. One of cloud computing's key tenets is reliability through redundancy of both servers and data centers. Then on Wednesday, Amazon's northern Virginia data center started experiencing problems that caused major latency and connectivity issues.

LinkedIn Answers: Amazon Cloud Burst – A warning or business as usual?

Asked by Gireesh S., e-Marketing Manager (SEO and SMM). Expanded question: Recent issues at the cloud services providers have create lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). There are many negative comments – "Amazon and Sony's recent cloud computing issues prove the cloud is not the be-all, end-all for storage." What is your opinion? What didn't fail before immense success? Is this failure a question on Cloud's existence or business as usual?


Two Open-Source Cloud Standards: What It Means to You

VMware's new CloudFoundry platform emerged last week, marking a new alternative to the existing OpenStack standard. What's really going on here and what does it mean to your cloud migration plans?

LinkedIn Answers: What are the 5 top reasons for IT project failure and how offshoring can help?

Asked by Hugo M., Offshore staffing expert; Accelerating growth of software firms; Expanded question: A recent research from American project management consultancy PM Solutions identifies the top 5 causes of project failure. The research among 163 companies shows that only 47% of projects are termed 'successful', whereas the remaining 53% could be labeled 'failure' (either terminated, failed or recovered…

LinkedIn Answers: Agile development methodologies, using cloud-based resources; how good can IT get? Asked by Kristina K., Marketing manager at Altabel Group.

LinkedIn Answers: Who benefits more from the transition from PC to the cloud: the consumer or the vendors?

Asked by Luis S., Business & travel writer, web publisher, resort/real estate development consultant. Expanded question: I am appalled at how difficult it is getting to simply find a traditional on-premise version of certain software programs. ??It seems that every vendor you approach wants to lock you into a monthly-subscription contract. Once you sign up for their newsletter, they will bombard you with literature explaining the myriad benefits of the cloud vs. traditional computing…

One-stop shopping at the Outsourcing Supermarket

The long-term evolution of industries has long been studied. A small market grows when competitors fill niches and primary demand increases. Innovation sparks products. Services refinement and differentiation then occurs. More providers enter the market and then, as the growth cycle matures, scale and leverage become forces for consolidation.  Now joining those ranks: the IT and business process outsourcing industry. Three recent transactions – HP buys EDS, Dell buys Perot Systems, and Xerox purchases ACS – point to a future where "one-stop shopping" indeed becomes a reality in the outsourcing market.

Buyers with magnifying glasses: security inside outsourcing relationships

From a buyer's perspective, the labyrinth created by outsource partnerships is a tangled morass that must be carefully pulled apart at the start of relationships.  Customers want to know where their data will be, why it will be there, and how it will move across borders.  They want details on audit protocols, security practices and personnel. Once a baseline is understood, they want an ongoing understanding of how the data continues to be managed with updates on changes before they happen.

Conference: IT Roadmap Boston

Tuesday, June 7, 2011; 8:15am – 4:30pm; Hynes Convention Center. One day of learning and exploring the latest IT trends and technologies that will benefit your business and help you drive your IT initiatives in the right direction all year long. Hear from the best of the best as they reveal all they know about new trends, new technologies and proven IT strategies for your business–in just one day.

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