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Should B2B Companies Blog? YES They Should!

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 15th anniversary of web logs or blogs as we refer to them today. What started as a personal publication platform has exploded into it’s own market and has created a huge array of ancillary products and services.

For many companies their blog is the hub of their social media efforts with other social media spokes attached to it.  Blogging is hard work; it’s a big investment in terms of time and effort to ensure that you are building quality content that’s of interest and brings value to your target audience.  Aberdeen Group recently released a research brief entitled “Bloggers Paradise-Best Practices For Business Blogging” that shows how best-in-class companies are out-blogging and out-performing their industry average and laggard competitors. Here are just a few of their key findings.

Best in Class Blog More Often

  • Best in Class                     85% blog
  • Industry Average            73% blog
  • Laggard                            57% blog

Best in Class Blog Better Study Weighted Average Unique Blog Visitors Per Month

  • Best in Class                     2485 visitors per month
  • Industry Average            1713 visitors per month
  • Laggard                            1100 visitors per month

Best in Class Out Perform the Competition

  • Average annual revenue growth of 20% compared to -3% for laggards
  • 10% YOY increase in marketing produced leads that result in closed business compared to a 1% decline for laggards
  • 44% of sales forecasted pipeline generated by marketing versus 5% for laggard firms
  • 73% customer retention rate compared to 7% for laggard companies

Getting a blogging engine fired up will require discipline and focus.  For many companies, finding subject matter experts capable of producing quality content is there biggest challenge but not an insurmountable one.

Basics of B2B Blogging

Start by building a basic messaging calendar, it does not have to complex but you do need to decide who will be blogging and what the topics are, random blogging on uninteresting topics just wont work.

Consider asking guest bloggers to write for you, alternate viewpoints from partners and clients can really spice up a blog. In fact, 56% of Best in Class companies regularly feature external guest bloggers.

Posting a variety content in a variety of formats such as video, ebooks, whitepapers, and on demand webcasts are an excellent ways of building a loyal following, the key is to stay creative and provide meaningful content.

Blogging is a great way to engage with both customers and prospects. Maintain a good balance of company news, industry related information, and product/services news and your audience should grow nicely over time. If you have any blogging key tips or tricks we would love to hear from you.

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