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Selling Strategies for a Tough Economy, Part 2



Tactical Adjustments For Tough Economic Conditions

(This article originally published in the Global Services Oct 2008 issue


Some sectors thrive in bad economic times – like Outsourcing!   Throughout 2008 study after study from firms such as TPI, Everest, Gartner and others have shown an acceleration of outsourcing activities as companies search for more cost effective ways to continue delivering IT services and other business processes.   Segments under heavy cost pressure like banking, manufacturing and retail are particularly receptive to outsourcing solutions that can demonstrate savings.  Other segments which excel in downturns are also great industries to target – but perhaps with a value proposition emphasizing the greater capabilities outsourcing can enable.   Fox recently highlighted Five Sectors That Can Survive a Recession.  They include 'green' providers, financial services, alternative medicine, on-line advertising and engineering.   Companies in these industries should be high on the target list of any outsourcer with solutions that can help them maximize their success. 



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