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Selling Strategies for a Tough Economy, Part 5

Tactical Adjustments For Tough Economic Conditions

(This article originally published in the Global Services Oct 2008 issue

Fine tune your value proposition.   Spend time analyzing and refining how you explain the benefits your products and solutions provide customers.   Marketers are taught to ask the question, “So what?”  Do you take steps out of a process?   Add features?  Provide capabilities that did not exist previously?   Those are great, but ‘so what!’   A strong value proposition takes these statements at least one more level and makes the outsourcing benefit tangibly evident to the customer.   In strong economic times or weak customers are looking for the same benefits from outsourcing: increasing revenues, reducing costs, improving market share, gaining competitive advantages and delivering improved service.   Outsourcing can definitely deliver these results, but it is each company’s unique value proposition that determines their opportunity to make the sale.

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