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Revenue 2012: Making it Happen vs. Hoping it Happens

CSO Insights and 3FORWARDHave you seen your 2012 sales quota yet?

In CSO Insights‘ annual Sales Performance study, 95% of companies planned to increase quotas for 2011–the largest increase in seven years!  There is no reason to assume this will change in 2012.

Have you seen your 2012 numbers yet?

Can you make your 2012 number with what you have in place?

If not, what can you do to increase the odds of making it?

Sales Revenue 2012 RegistrationWe would like you to take an hour out of your rush towards the 2011 finish line to get your mind around what you need to do to prepare for 2012. It’s time, but it’s not too late.

In this webinar, Jim and Dan will walk you through the questions you should be asking yourself this month and offering detailed recommendations to get you ready:

Topics include:

  • Latest economic and market dynamics
  • Today’s sales and marketing challenges
  • Sales excellence leverage points
  • Sales Performance Optimization best practices
  • Formula for sales revenue planning
  • Finding your best prospects
  • Creating a lead creation machine
  • Open Q & A with Jim and Dan

Please join us on September 21st Revenue 2012:  Making it Happen vs. Hoping it Happens

All attendees also receive two powerful white papers to help them prepare for 2012:

  • 2011 Sales Performance Optimization Going Forward
  • Revenue 2012: Making it Happen vs Hoping It Happens

Mark your calendar and join us on September 21st!

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