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March Madness Proves Your Sales Team Can “Up” Their Game – 3FORWARD

shutterstock_150869537I am not a diehard college basketball fan but I do love March Madness!

Nothing is more exciting than watching teams from smaller schools or less competitive programs rise to the occasion and knock off big name rivals. How are these teams able to defeat those powerhouse teams? Better coaching, maybe. Better execution, perhaps. Better mental preparation, absolutely! The right mental preparation can overcome obstacles like size and skill on just about any given day.

Being mentally prepared means more than just coming to work with a good attitude, it means that you are taking the time to understand and analyze all the factors that could potentially impact your selling activities.

Think back on the last major sales opportunity you lost to a competitor and ask yourself these questions.

  • Did you really take the time to make sure you were fully conversant on the issues and problems facing your prospect?
  • Did you know all of the decision makers and key influencers?
  • Did you do you homework on your competition to understand how they might position against you?
  • Were you able to crisply articulate the differentiation your firm brings to the table without resorting to disparaging your competition?
  • Did you practice your final presentation/executive summary before presenting it?

If you answered any of these basic questions with a no or a maybe you left your “A” game at home that day!

You can’t cut corners and be successful in today’s selling game. Challenge yourself and your sales team to “up” your performance starting with this year’s NCAA basketball tournament. Make the commitment to train to win and your team may be the one to vanquish the number one seed!

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