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Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing is the Question. The Answer is Yes!

What's More Important to a B2B demand generation program, Outbound or Inbound Marketing?  Both, of course!

On a recent client call with the CMO we were discussing the reasons why all B2B companies need marketing automation technology to help fill their sales funnel with qualified prospects.  Why? Because well executed MA solutions will yield a larger numbers of qualified prospects over time than what a rep team can produce through old fashioned cold calling.  (Assuming that you have a well-defined prospect profile and a quality database of decision and influence level buyers).

So if you do have MA in place all your bases are covered right?  Not so fast!  Even great "outbound content-marketing" is only half the solution.  Inbound is just as important.

Think about it.  Even with a strong lead database and a great sales process there are still countless more prospects in your universe that are looking for solutions to their business issues.  How easily they find you on the web can be the difference between a good and a great sales year.  Therefore it's critical you learn how these potential buyers are searching for solutions/product providers.

A search engine optimization study (SEO) is an important first step. By understanding the keywords and search phrases used by buyers you can begin dialing in your website copy.  That improves the results from the search crawlers when they index and rank your pages. This in turn creates better page ranking and therefore earlier visibility to a searching prospect.  Being on the first or second page of search results is far better than being on page three – or worse, not showing up at all!

Getting SEO right leads to stronger search results.  The other important component to in-bound success is participating within relevant social networks.   Combined, these efforts complement your outbound demand generation programs and get you on track to best-in-class results.

Want help?  Our Lead Ready program provides B2B sales leaders with an optimized outbound and inbound lead creation program.   It addresses all the areas that make these solutions successful and takes the pressure off your internal team to become experts on "day-one".  Let us know if you'd like more information.

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