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Great Web Sites Are Essential For Lead Generation

As I noted in my last post, Getting Started With Segmentation, profiling your company’s best sales prospects is a critical exercise to ensure you are deploying valuable sales resources on high probability targets.  After this process is complete the next step is to build a lead generation plan combining inbound and outbound elements.  Email campaigns, lead nurturing programs and webinars are examples of effective ways to engage with prospects and continue that engagement through a coordinated series of contact types.  This effort is often called drip marketing or lead nurturing.

There are several key components required for a successful lead generation campaign. Establishing a strong and dynamic web presence however is the fundamental base for your program. You should begin by building a strong website that clearly states your brand message, value proposition and be easy to navigate.  Prospects that come to your site are hungry for relevant information that will help them solve their issues.  Satisfy that hunger by providing white papers, blogs and proprietary tools that will help them address their problems and provide ways for better interaction with your company.  By leveraging your knowledge and expertise and sharing through your website and blog you will establish your company’s products/services as the best in the field and establish a go-to destination for your lead generation efforts.

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