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Everest Group Selects 3forward for Insights(tm) Sales Assistance

Dallas, TX, 3forward today announced they have been selected by global consulting and research firm Everest Group to assist in the release and sales of Everest InsightsTM.  This new offering helps sales organizations of outsourcing suppliers significantly improve account targeting and prioritization.  3forward will provide sales support, promotion and other activities to Everest and have incorporated Everest InsightsTM into their own Accelerate Sales portfolio.  3forward helps companies worldwide build sales pipelines, increase wins and accelerate sales.

The Everest InsightsTM suite includes four base components: Account Intelligence, Account Readiness, Special Insights and Active Surveillance, which together provide sales teams with actionable insight into a prospect's sourcing portfolio.  The offering also provides an accurate prediction of both the likelihood and the timing of the prospect's future sourcing activities.

"Sales organizations looking to improve top of the funnel results are increasingly turning to prospect analysis and on-going target research to better focus their teams," commented Dan Hudson, President of 3forward.  "Everest InsightsTM greatly enhances opportunity qualification and helps sales teams strategically engage prospects at the optimal point in their buying process.  No other solution provides the research depth or accuracy in predicting outsourcing decisions as this product suite," Dan Hudson added.

Regarding the partnership, Carl Esposti, Principal of Sales and Market Development at Everest, commented, "3forward's value proposition to outsourcing service providers is tightly focused on lead generation and conversion. We were looking for a partner to help Everest bring this powerful new offering to the broader service provider market. 3forward's product and service portfolio combined with Everest InsightsTM will effectively tackle the need for sales organizations to fill the funnel with high-value, qualified leads."

The two companies are delivering a complimentary webcast on Enabling Sales Effectiveness Through Actionable Insight, on Wednesday, January 27 at 11:00 AM EST.  Executives from both companies will provide examples, lessons learned and recommendations for applying this solution to today's sales model.

To register for and attend this free, on-line event, visit:

About Us:

About 3forward

3forward helps companies find and create leads, increase wins and accelerate sales.  Our services are designed for small to large B2B sales organizations and companies wanting to improve revenues.  3forward works with CEO's, sales leaders and leadership teams interested in market entry, expansion, or anchor client programs, lead creation programs, and 2.0 services integration such as research and insight, social media engagement, and virtual event campaigns.

About Everest Group

Everest Group is a global consulting and research firm that comprehensively serves the outsourcing and offshoring market. An industry leader since creating the sourcing consultancy practice in 1991, Everest has earned a worldwide reputation for ongoing innovation by helping clients capture optimum value through sourcing strategies and implementation. Everest provides information, insight, and advice to help buyers, suppliers, and enablers of services effectively navigate all stages of the sourcing lifecycle. Committed to thought leadership, Everest is noted for its fact-based analyses and insights on the outsourcing and off-shoring marketplace.

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